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Oc review of Seoul.
Official Name: Seoul Special City/서울 특별시
Human Name: 주현 Ju-Hyun Soo
Gender: Female
Age: 15-19 ((cant decide in rps it'll usually be 19 depending on who im rping with.))
Birthday: June 6 The day commemorates the men and women who died while in military service or in the independence movement. On this day, a national commemoration ceremony is held in Seoul National Cemetery. ((WAAAIT JUNE GEMINI SOLLUX MITUNA dhsjhdshjkhj))
Seoul has long darkish-brown hair that goes up to her shoulders and has her bangs brushing of to the side almost like Romano's, she has a curl much like South Korea's that represents Namsan Tower. She wears a red white and black hambok all the time following a red cardigan she wears around it that has long sleeves on it. She has dark brown eyes and hair clips that are the color white at the side of her hair on the side to keep it from getting in her face.

She rarely wears her army uniform at all if she were its much like England's but grey and she still wears her cardigan over it. She wears with her hanbok some black boots with it instead of the sandals that go with it.

Seoul is not much different from South Korea although she has some personality changes at random times. She loves korean dramas, video games, and romance novels for some reason but has that in mind for her when no one is around.
She is usually smiling but if not she is probably being serious for once.
She often says 꺄 at the end of her sentences meaning Kya it is a habit of hers. She is a Neet really who sometimes refuses to go outside even when South Korea forces her usually.
She may have a slight crush on America but denies it.
You will usually see her n the computer at all times in the dark with her headphones on ignoring everything so, she's a bit naieve of things.
She sometimes gets England to make her food with her saying "Some people need to die" although she is joking she eats it without puking meaning she says his food is Bland and Dry.
Seoul is a massive k-pop fangirl her favorite k-pop groups are: T-ara, U-KISS, Girls Generation and Infinite. ((real k-pop groups))
((Wikipedia for NEET:

During 18 BC Seoul has been called by different names due to the Baekje calling the city of Seoul or reclaiming it as Wiryeseong or one of the three kingdoms of korea calling it something else.
In hes early days, Seoul was initially a grave, secluded child who was afraid of other countries, and even more so after Japan took control of South Korea. However, after gaining independence from Japan and finally settling in with South Korea after being passed between him and North Korea several times, Seoul became more spirited and now openly pursues his goals.
Although now her other brother North she tries to be distant from him.

-Seoul's name is often forgotten due to having her name changed a lot.
-She wears red a lot due to saying "Red is the color of a Hero!" ((KAGEROU PROJECT REFERENCE))
-Kya mean "AHH" due to Seoul being a bit of a scardy cat.
-Keijo was the Japanese name Seoul took when Japan was occupying Korea, since at the time Koreans were forbidden from using the Korean alphabet and ordered to change their names to Japanese ones.
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Check out these cool groups~!

After all, they are one with Russia, da?


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Are puffed Hetalia OCs allowed here?
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Capitalia chibi set 1 by AndiT97  which folder I should put this in?
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Ju-chan09 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2013

Hello to everybody who reads this!


These are some pics of my Hetalia OC Salzburg, Wolfgang A. Edelstein.…
(drawn/made by friends of mine or by me with help of special programs [face makers etc.])


OC's are original characters that only belong to their owners and if someone else draws them they get mad at them -




In fact I even WANT you to draw my Hetalia-OC!

Yes, PLEASE draw him or make him with any program!

(And show me the outcome then. ;) )

Unfortunately I can't draw myself (I wish I could), so if u r bored and don't know what to do - pls draw my Hetalia-OC or make it with any program! 
U can also draw a merman-version of him or as a cat [Nekotalia-Version] or whatever u like!


I'd rly appreciate this very much!


THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for your help!!!!





Ps: I'm sry, but I won’t be able to give u any money for it.

So I hope my deepest thankfulness will be enough.
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